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Current Events

Keynote Speech: Programmatic Approaches to Structural Equation Modeling
SASEM 2021 - July 10

Invited Talk: Ruby in the Classroom: Going off the Rails with Roda
COSCUP x RubyConf TW 2021 - Aug 01

Publication Highlights

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The Elephant in the Room: Predictive Performance of PLS Models
Journal of Business Research
An outline of how predictive PLS methodology can strengthen theory-building research, with software tools to implement it.
The Central Role of Engagement in Online Communities
Information Systems Research
A framework that demonstrates what engagement is, where it comes from, and how it powerfully explains knowledge contribution and word of mouth.

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Service Oriented Architecture
Creating high quality, reactive, responsive, cloud-based application architectures
Business Analytics Using Statistical Modeling
Analyzing complex business data using computational approaches