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Keynote Speech: Programmatic Approaches to Structural Equation Modeling
SASEM 2021 - July 10

Invited Talk: Ruby in the Classroom: Going off the Rails with Roda
COSCUP x RubyConf TW 2021 - Aug 01

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The Composite Overfit Analysis Framework: Assessing the Out-of-sample Generalizability of Construct-based Models Using Predictive Deviance, Deviance Trees, and Unstable Paths
Management Science
Construct-based models (e.g., PLS path modeling and CBSEM) have become a mainstay of management research. However, these models are likely overfit to the data samples upon which they are estimated. We propose a composite overfit analysis (COA) framework that applies predictive tools to describe the sources and ramifications of overfit in terms of the focal concepts important to empirical researchers. The framework employs a novel deviance tree method to group deviant cases that have similar predictive deviance and for similar theoretical reasons.
Fighting for the Status Quo: Threat to Tech Self-Esteem and Opposition to Competing Smartphones
Information & Management
Users of rival technology platforms, such as Android-versus-iOS, often harbor hostile opposition to each other. We conducted an empirical study of smartphone users, where we find that the threat to technology self-esteem arises from distinct antecedents and offers a singular explanation for opposition. Moreover, we show the unintended consequences of employing lock- in strategies and provide advice on why and how to mitigate them.

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Creating scalable, domain-driven, distributed applications for business.
Business Analytics Using Computational Statistics (BACS)
Using computation as a lens to approach and understand statistics and data analysis.