Journal Papers

Fišar, M., Greiner, B., Huber, C., Katok, E., Ozkes, A., the Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration* (forthcoming)
Reproducibility in Management Science
Management Science (note: member of the Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration)

Shmueli, G., Ray, S. 2024
Reimagining the Journal Editorial Process: An AI-Augmented Versus an AI-Driven Future
Journal of the Association for Information Systems (25:1), pp. 60-75

Danks, N.P., Ray, S., Shmueli, G. 2024
The Composite Overfit Analysis Framework: Assessing the Out-of-sample Generalizability of Construct-based Models Using Predictive Deviance, Deviance Trees, and Unstable Paths
Management Science (70:1), pp. 647-669

Cano Bejar, A.H., Ray, S., Huang, Y.H. 2023
Fighting for the Status Quo: Threat to Tech Self-Esteem and Opposition to Competing Smartphones
Information & Management (60:2)

Greene, T., Shmueli, G., Ray, S. 2023
Taking the Person Seriously: Ethically-aware IS Research in the Era of Reinforcement Learning-based Personalization
Journal of the Association of Information Systems (24:6), pp. 1527-1561

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Personality Antecedents and Consequences of Internet Addiction Vis-à-vis Internet Habit: a Theory and an Empirical Investigation
Information Systems Frontiers, pp. 1-16

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Smartphone Addiction and Conflict: An Incentive-Sensitization Perspective of Addiction for Information Systems
European Journal of Information Systems, pp. 1-22

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Understanding fintech continuance: perspectives from self-efficacy and ECT-IS theories
Industrial Management & Data Systems (12:9), pp. 1659-1689

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Habit and Addiction in the Use of Social Networking Sites: Their Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences
Computers in Human Behavior (99), pp. 109-125

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Adjusting to the GDPR: The Impact on Data Scientists and Behavioral Researchers
Big Data (7:3), pp. 140-162

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Prediction-Oriented Model Selection in Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
Decision Sciences (21:1), pp. 243-241

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Cyberloafing in the workplace: mitigation tactics and their impact on individuals’ behavior
Information Technology and Management, pp. 1-19

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What Leads to Prosocial Behaviors on Social Networking Services: A Tripartite Model
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The Central Role of Engagement in Online Communities
Information Systems Research (25:3), pp. 528-546

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Examining Cloud Computing Adoption Intention, Pricing Mechanism, and Deployment Model
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Security Assurance: How Online Service Providers Can Influence Security Control Perceptions and Gain Trust
Decision Sciences (42:2), pp. 391-412

Notable Conference Proceedings

Shmueli, B., Fell, J., Ray, S., Ku, L.W. 2020
Beyond Fair Pay: Ethical Implications of NLP Crowdsourcing
in proceedings of 2021 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies – (virtual)

Shmueli, B., Ku, L.W., Ray, S. 2020
Reactive Supervision: A New Method for Collecting Sarcasm Data
in proceedings of 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing – (virtual)

Research Lab

RayLab (雷門) attracts students from many backgrounds:
  • MIS/CS: students with coding/analytics abilities
  • Management: students with IT technology interests
  • Design: students with IT service interests